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Hit Biocell 5000 Plus (Swiss) 5 ml X 10 Amps Free Shipping+Tracking

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Biocell 5000 Plus (Swiss)

Biocell Laboratoire's advanced production technology extends the old Collagen forte to Biocell 5000 Plus (Swiss), which contains more concentrated Nano Vitamin C 5000mg + collagen 750mg than any other. Acceptance from doctors around the world. Nano Vitamin C has a small particle at the nanometer level. Boosts absorption into the skin layer, making your skin look younger, firmer, smoother, and younger. Cause of aging.


The results of the Biocell 5000 Plus (Swiss) injection will reduce the blur. Wrinkles around the eyes, face and body to look up. Increases flexibility to the skin as well. As a result, the skin looks younger. Skin around the lips will be moist. And with the properties of vitamin C. The dark spots and fades to make the skin look healthy skin clearly.


Biocell 8000 Plus (Swiss)

1. Anti oxidant from high vitamin C content, antioxidant. Reduces damage to skin cells from environmental pollutants, maintains healthy skin cells, brightens the skin, removes toxins from the blood and lymphatic system. With protein In the body to accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the skin layer than the common antioxidant because of the highest amount of ingredients at this time. Vitamin C is only 1.0gm per tube.


2. Skin whitening, high vitamin C content. Accelerate the action of glutathione to detox and reduce the melanin pigmentation causes the skin and dull skin. Than the use of glutathione alone. White skin is superior. Other products


Elasticity of skin is higher than that of collagen. Other collagen brands Will penetrate into the skin. Restores flexibility and firmness to the skin throughout the body. You will feel the skin smooth. Like a teenager again


How to use: Intravenous, subcutaneous or subcutaneous 1 tube at a time 1-2 times a week when the skin color and firmness of the skin is satisfied. Can be injected at the level. Once a week Once a month, respectively.

1 box contains 10 X 5 Ml

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Hit Biocell 5000 Plus (Swiss) 5 ml X 10 Amps Free Shipping+Tracking

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