12 Boxes Benda 500 Detox Flavour All Worms Killing Cleanse Single Dose 500 mg Free Shipping+Tracking

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Manufactured:      Thai Nakorn Pattana CO., LTD.
Brand:       Benda                    
Type:       medicine (Tablet)
Condition:      Brand New Never Used in Original Seal Pack.
Exp. date. 2022
Net Weight:     500 mg x 12 (Tablets).
Quantity:     1 boxes = 12 Tablet

Dosage:   1 Tablet as a single dose for threadworm infections, roundworm infections.

One tablet contains:   Mebendazole 500 mg.

Benefit:   for kill theses worm: Roundworm, Threadworm, Whipworm, Hookworm, Pinworm.

Benda 500 Flavour All Worms Killing Cleanse Single Dose 500 mg.Quantity: 1 box (1 tablet / box) (New + Sealed from Factory) Never open, Unused, Real Product.Product of Thailand Benda 500 Contains the active ingredient Mebendazole. It is used to treat intestinal worm infections such as pinworm, roundworm, and hookworm. This drug may also be used for worm infections elsewhere in the body (eg, trichinosis) .In these cases, it is usually taken more often and for a longer time Benda 500 is effective on a wide range of parasites, most commonly used for roundworms. , pinworms, hookworms, threadworms, whipworms etc. Benda 500 is effective on a wide range of parasites, most commonly used for roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, threadworms, whipworms etc.Indications: parasites Use and dosage: 1 tablet once chewed before swallowing,. may be repeated every 3 months Package Contents: 1 tablet with fruit punch flavour Contraindications: not suitable for children under 2 years, unsuitable for pregnant women during the first three months of pregnancy, not suitable for people with liver disease.Exp. Year 2019 Package

Warning: Do not use if you:.

 Do not use in the children under 2 years old.

 Do not use in the first 3 months of pregnancy and patients suffering from liver disease.?


There are several types of worms Each species are dangerous and harmful to the human body at all. It is the things that cause health problems as well. Animal species are parasitic worms Housing and living in different parts. Human and animal intestines, muscles, lungs and stomach infection caused by parasites that are in a group called Mint (helminth) which is shaped like a worm. As a result, the parasite that as "worms" which are divided into three categories, 12 types.

1. Roundworms

A parasite that has long round body. Shaped like an earthworm But no body is articulate. Like earthworms These kinds of gastrointestinal parasitic species completely. There are separate male and female. The males are smaller than females. The drug's nematode causing disease in humans, there are 9 types.

  1. Yarn or parasitic worms pin (Threadworm Infection).

  2.  Nematode G (Gnathostomlasis).

  3.  Parasitic worm (Ascariasis)

  4.  Hookworm (Hookworm disease or ancylostomiasis).

  5.  Whipworm (Trichuriasis)

  6.  Kim's disease Salmonella. (Trichinella)

  7.  Worms Philadelphia Area (Filaria).

  8.  Worms angio Armstrong's GECIS. (Angiostrongyliasis)

  9.  Guinea worm Strongsville Los Jersey. (Stongyloides)

2. trematode

A parasite with a body shaped like a leaf like a fluke species. These parasites will have two males together in one. You can breed in themselves. And the eggs out This egg will hatch into larvae called Mira City Stadium (miracidium), which can grow in snails and become embryos, many called Sir Caria (Cercaria) and later may have lived in the host (intermediary. ), like other fish, frogs, until humans to catch fish or shellfish consumed frog has been infected with this parasite enters the body. Trematode may be divided into 4 ypes of.

 1.  Liver fluke (Opisthorchiasis)

 2.  Intestinal fluke (Fasciolopsiasis)

 3.  In lung fluke (Paragonimiasis)

 4.  Blood fluke (Schistosomiasis)

Trematode is an issue for the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand is very much due to this parasite often found in the Northeast. And the population in such sectors I usually eat half-cooked food, which makes the parasite remains in the body for life and the sheath.

3. tapeworm

A parasite that looks like a flat and long. Ribbons or noodles The head and body segments. This parasite creates a new segment, the body gradually grew longer articulate a distance from the head to the oldest. Tapeworm lives in the small intestine. The head of the island to catch the intestinal wall. Because of this parasite's digestive system. You may need food absorption from the intestine of people represent. Segments, each segment has both male and female sex organs together which is divided into 2 types.

 1.  Tapeworm Cody - Buffalo (Taeniasis saginata).

 2.  Santino pig roundworm (Taeniasis solium).

Worms can be considered as the cause of many diseases. The disease is quite unusual, so be conscious of eating well. Do not eat half-cooked eat food that has 

12 Boxes Benda 500 Detox Flavour All Worms Killing Cleanse Single Dose 500 mg Free Shipping+Tracking

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